Black Cab Advertising (London & Major UK Cities)

Looking to drive your brand to new heights? If so, and you're considering OOH (Out Of Home) advertising, we urge you to stop and seriously think about the power of black cab advertising.

In the bustling streets of London, black cabs are symbolic of the capital and even more than that, they present a unique and powerful platform for advertising.

For ambitious and largely-growing brands that are looking to reach the next levels of visibility and campaign success, black cab advertising is an excellent marketing option that's been highly-effective for many global brands to boost visibility and drive consumer engagement. Taxi Wraps have worked with some industry-leading tech companies, retailers, and online streaming companies. 

In this blog, we outline some key strategies to maximise the impact of your taxi advertising campaign.

Key marketing options for black cab advertising include:

  • Taxi Wraps
  • Taxi Supersides
  • Taxi Tip-Seat Posters

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What is Black Cab Advertising?

Black cab advertising involves placing advertisements on and inside black cabs, transforming these vehicles into moving billboards. This form of out-of-home (OOH) advertising can include:

Taxi Wraps (Full or partial wraps that cover the outside of the cab)

As black cabs naturally draw attention wading in and out of the traffic of London, partial or full taxi wraps which cover the outside of the cab are beneficial for instantly capturing the attention of thousands of passers-by, commuters, and tourists.

Key benefits include:

  • High visibility and broad reach
  • Iconic status and trustworthy
  • Extended exposure time
  • Creative flexibility

Taxi Supersides: (Large panels on the sides of the cab)

Another form of taxi advertising is taxi supersides which are similar to taxi wraps but perhaps on a larger scale with more concise messages on one or both large panels on the side of the black cab. This type of advertising harnesses the high visibility and constant movement of taxis to reach a wide audience.

Key benefits include:

  • High visibility and impact
  • Targeted reach
  • Urban coverage
  • Iconic status and trustworthy

Taxi Tip Seats: (Posters or digital screens on the back of front seats)

Taxi tip-seat posters leverage the interior space of black cabs to reach passengers directly during their ride. This advertising format places posters or digital screens on the back of the front seats, providing a unique and engaging way to communicate with a captive audience for the time they are travelling in the black cab.

Key benefits include:

  • Captive audience engagement
  • Iconic status and trustworthy
  • Cost-effective advertising
  • Ideal for local targeting
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How to Get Started with Black Cab Advertising

Identify Your Objectives

Taxi Wraps help you along your journey with black cab advertising from your initial consultation through to the design and implementation. We help you to firstly determine the goals of your campaign. Specific types of goals may be driving website traffic, promoting a specific product, or increasing brand awareness.

Choose the Right Format

The next step with black cab advertising is to select the most suitable format that aligns with your bespoke campaign objectives. This will also largely depend on your allocated OOH (Out Of Home) marketing budget. You may be seeking taxi supersides, taxi wraps, taxi tip-seat posters or a combination.

Design Your Ad

You'll work with us to help design your bespoke advertisement(s) and key promotional messages. It's imperative here to ensure they are captivating and eye-catching. Passers-by witness hundreds of adverts every day so this stage is paramount to ensure cost-effectiveness and to maximise potential ROI.

Measure Your Success

Once your black cab advertising campaign is up and running, you're going to want to track key objectives (linking back to the first step) in order to monitor performance and key metrics. These may include impressions, engagement rates, and consumer feedback.

Why Black Cab Advertising?

Black cab advertising offers a unique and prestigious way of driving your brand to new heights. Whether you're a local business looking to enhance the brand awareness of your geographic-specific brand or you're a global brand aiming to take more of the market share in key UK major cities, this type of advertising may be brand changing for you.

Embrace the mobility, visibility, and creativity of black cabs to make a lasting impression on the streets of major cities.

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