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Full Taxi Wraps

Taxi wraps are a popular format when it comes to taxi advertising in London. This format consists of wrapping the entirety of the taxi to display your key marketing and promotional messages.

This advertising method transforms the taxi into a mobile billboard, making it a highly visible and attention-grabbing medium for your brand.

They are suitable for a variety of campaigns and can effectively promote brands, products, and events in busy London areas.

Taxi Supersides

Taxi supersides consist of placing your advertisements on the side of a taxi. Unlike full taxi wraps, supersides consolidate your key marketing message(s) to capture your audience and this is often more cost-effective.

The placement allows for larger and more detailed advertisements compared to smaller taxi ads like those on doors or roofs.

Supersides are highly effective for increasing brand visibility and recognition throughout London and the surrounding counties.

Taxi Tip-Seat Posters

Unlike taxi wraps and supersides, taxi tip-seat posters are used as advertising material within the taxi. These posters are designed to capture the attention of taxi passengers during their ride.

Although they don't provide the reach of the above types of taxi advertising formats, taxi-tip seat posters can be more targeted.

Whether for promoting local businesses, events, tourism, or public service announcements, taxi tip seat posters can be a valuable addition to an integrated marketing strategy.

Interactive Taxi Advertising

Say goodbye to the days of boring and static taxi advertising, and welcome interactive taxi advertising. You now have the option of creating immersive brand experiences for your audience.

You can implement elements inside the taxi, such as video booths or interactive screens, where passengers can engage with your brand or key messages and  provide feedback.

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Taxi Advertising London - FAQs

Frequently asked questions about London Taxi Advertising.

The cost of advertising on a taxi can vary depending on various factors, such as the city or location, the duration of the campaign, the size and type of the advertisement, and the number of taxis involved.

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