Taxi Superside Advertising

Why use Taxi Superside Advertising?

Taxi superside advertising refers to placing advertisements on the sides of taxis, specifically on the panels above the windows.

Here are three benefits of this type of advertising:

High Visibility

Taxi superside advertising offers excellent visibility as the ads are positioned at eye level and can be easily seen by pedestrians, drivers, and passengers in other vehicles.

The size and prominent placement of these ads make them highly noticeable, increasing the likelihood of capturing attention and generating brand awareness.

Wide Reach and Mobility

Taxis are constantly on the move, traversing various routes and neighbourhoods. This mobility provides an opportunity to expose your brand message to a wide and diverse audience.

With taxi superside advertising, your ad can reach different locations, enabling your brand to target multiple areas and demographics effectively.

Cost-effective Advertising

Compared to other traditional outdoor advertising options like billboards, taxi superside advertising can be a cost-effective choice.

It offers a more targeted and localised approach, allowing you to allocate your advertising budget efficiently. Additionally, the ability to customize the ad campaign duration provides flexibility and control over costs.

Taxi Superside Advertising Costs

The cost of taxi superside advertising can vary depending on several factors such as the city or region, the number of taxis involved, the duration of the campaign, and the specific taxi advertising provider.

Typically, the pricing is determined by the following:

Market demand:

The cost may be influenced by the popularity and demand for taxi superside advertising in a particular city or region. High-demand areas or cities with a large population may have higher rates compared to less populated or less competitive locations.

Duration of the campaign:

Longer advertising campaigns tend to have discounted rates compared to shorter-term campaigns. If you are planning a sustained and extended campaign, you may be able to negotiate more favorable pricing.

Number of taxis:

The number of taxis included in the advertising campaign can affect the cost. Advertising on a larger fleet of taxis may have a higher overall cost compared to a smaller fleet.

Design and production:

The design and production of the advertisement, including graphic design and printing, may also contribute to the overall cost. Complex or intricate designs may involve additional charges.

To get an accurate cost estimate for your specific needs, it is advisable to reach out to taxi advertising providers or outdoor media companies in your target location.

They can provide you with detailed pricing information based on your campaign requirements and assist you in finding the best package that suits your budget and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about taxi advertising.

The cost of advertising on a taxi can vary depending on various factors, such as the city or location, the duration of the campaign, the size and type of the advertisement, and the number of taxis involved.

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