Taxi Tip-Seat Advertising

Taxi Tip-Seat Advertising

Taxi Wraps provide taxi tip-seat advertising in London and throughout Major UK cities including:

ManchesterLiverpoolLeedsGlasgowBirminghamNewcastleEdinburgh, and Sheffield.

Tip seats are advertisements placed on the backrests of the passenger seats inside taxis. They offer a captive audience for brand messages as passengers sit and travel in the cab.

Tip seat advertisements can include visuals, slogans, key contact information, and much more.

This type of advertising helps with enhancing brand recall, targeted audience engagement, and memorable impact.

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taxi tip seat advertising

Taxi Tip-Seat Advertising (Key Benefits)

Targeted Audience Engagement

Taxi tip-seat posters are a fantastic option for targeted audience engagement as they provide a more personable marketing experience. Although they don't provide the benefits and mass-scale reach of taxi wraps and supersides, they are beneficial for providing a captive audience that is more likely to engage with advertisements. Moreover, they ensure maximum visibility while being almost impossible for passengers to miss in the direct line of sight.

Effective for Local and Small Businesses

Taxi tip-seat posters are particularly beneficial and effective for local businesses. Whether you're a new high-street shop that's recently opened within the city or you're seeking to sell products locally, taxi-tip seat advertising can be an effective marketing medium. For startups or small-sized brands, taxi posters may be the starting point before proceeding to full taxi wraps (traditional or electric to select from) or taxi supersides.

Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

OOH (Out Of Home) advertising can be particularly costly for small businesses. However, with taxi posters and advertising, this can be a much more cost-effective option, especially if you're seeking to target local and specific geographical areas. With taxi-tip posters, you can scale as you go and benefit from attracting your ideal target audience minimising marketing spend on anything other than communicating effectively with your desired customer.

Complementary to Other Advertising Channels

Taxi-tip seat advertising can work effectively when in conjunction with other types of advertising channels such as social media marketing, digital, and more. You can create a cohesive marketing strategy with taxi tip-seat posters playing an integral part of that. Here, cross-promotion can play a part too with further opportunities arising to drive traffic to websites and even physical stores through integrated call-to-action elements.

Taxi Tip-Seat Advertising (Key Considerations)

There are a number of key considerations when it comes to implementing taxi-tip seat posters and advertising.

Whether that's as part of a singular or wider campaign, key considerations include:

Design and Placement: Taxi-tip seat posters and advertising are designed to capture attention and encourage call to action. Therefore, placement of advertisements should be well-placed to engage attention immediately with the passenger.

Regulations and Permissions: Within your marketing campaign, you should adhere to local regulations and permissions to avoid legal issues and maintain a positive public image with potential customers.

Measurement of Effectiveness: Another key consideration is to track the effectiveness of your campaign. This can be achieved through various methods including promotional codes, QR codes, and unique URL's to measure engagement or purchases.

Campaign Duration: When you work with Taxi Wraps, we will work with you to determine the optimal duration of your campaign which will be decided depending on your specific objectives, budget, and anticipated passenger traffic.


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Taxi Tip-Seat Advertising - FAQs

Frequently asked questions about taxi advertising.

Local and smaller-type businesses generally benefit the most from this type of taxi advertising. Specifically if you're seeking to reach a local or specific audience, we would recommend taxi-tip seat posters for considerations. Taxi Wraps have worked with the likes of event organisers, restaurants and retail stores in London and across major UK cities.

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