London Taxi Advertising

Taxi wraps provide highly-effective taxi advertising in London and major cities across the UK for ambitious businesses and brands!

Reach Up To 48,000 People Per Day

Higher Ad Recall Than Other Formats (Billboards & Bus Shelters)

91% of Passengers Notice Advertising

High ABC1 Audience In London & Major Cities

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Taxi Advertising London & Major UK Cities For Ambitious Brands

Taxi Wraps are your 5-star-rated partner for taxi advertising in London and across major UK cities. We work with ambitious brands and businesses that are seeking to significantly expand their reach and connect with their ideal audience.

We predominantly provide taxi advertising in the formats of taxi supersides and full taxi wraps. Just a few industry-leading brands we've successfully worked with include Visa, Klarna, Boohoo, Reiss, and many more. You can check out our most recent campaigns here that showcases our excellent designs and jaw-dropped concepts.

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Full Taxi Wraps

Full taxi wraps are an excellent place to start when it comes to taxi advertising in London and across major UK cities.

This format gives ambitious businesses and brands the opportunity to wrap the exterior of a taxi or black cab with eye-catching advertisements that causes audience to take action, for example visit your website or browse your social media channels.

If you're looking to maximise visibility and benefit from mobile advertising, taxi wraps may be a suitable format for you!

Taxi Supersides

Taxi supersides are another hugely popular type of format when it comes to taxi advertising.

Taxi superside advertising offers excellent visibility as the ads are positioned at eye level and can be easily seen by pedestrians, drivers, and passengers in other vehicles.

Supersides allow you to allocate your advertising budget efficiently. Additionally, the ability to customise the ad campaign duration provides flexibility and control over costs.

Taxi Tip-Seat Posters

If you're looking to benefit from more personal and close-up taxi advertising, you may want to consider taxi tip-seat posters.

Although they don't reach as many people as supersides or full taxi wraps, they do give users a more personal experience.

They offer a captive audience for brand messages as passengers sit and travel in the cab. Tip seat advertisement can include visuals, slogans, or contact information for your audience.

Interactive Taxi Advertising

With technology and AI evolving at a rapid rate, we now give our clients the opportunity to implement interactive taxi advertising to gain that cutting edge over competitors.

This helps to capture the attention of your audience immediately and includes interactive elements inside the taxi, such as video booths or interactive screens, where passengers can engage with your brand or provide feedback.

Taxi Advertising - FAQs

Frequently asked questions about London Taxi Advertising.

The cost of advertising on a taxi can vary depending on various factors, such as the city or location, the duration of the campaign, the size and type of the advertisement, and the number of taxis involved.

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