Key Strategies for Effective Taxi Advertising

As a medium to large-sized brand, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and reach your ideal audience at scale. Fortunately, taxi advertising is here to help you achieve monumental success in whatever metric value that may be for you. 

Taxi advertising stands out as a powerful medium to capture the attention of a diverse audience and with taxi's constantly on the move, you'll benefit from mobile advertising that serves as a constant shop window for maximising visibility and awareness.

In this blog, we outline some key strategies to maximise the impact of your taxi advertising campaign.

Key strategies (and in the order listed) include:

  • Understand your audience
  • Select most suitable format
  • Consider design and key objectives
  • Maximise geographic targeting
  • Measure key metrics
  • Consider other OOH advertising

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key strategies for effective taxi advertising

Let's get into the key strategies...

Understand your audience

Before considering design elements or location, it's paramount to understand your audience and who you want to specifically target with taxi advertising. This way, you'll be maximising your return on investment from your tailored campaign.

For example, are you looking to target Londoners, tourists, or business travellers? Conducting market research to identify the demographics, preferences, and behaviours of your audience serves as a critical step that shouldn't be underestimated.

Here are some further questions to understand your audience for effective taxi advertising:

  • How does your target audience typically commute?
  • What motivates your audience to make purchasing decisions?
  • How does your target audience consume media?
  • How often does your target audience use taxi services?
  • How does your audience perceive taxi advertising?
  • What type of messages and visuals resonate most with your audience?

Select most suitable format

Once you've understood your audience, the next step is selecting the most suitable type of taxi advertising format. It's important to consider your option and particularly select the format that is likely to align with your campaign goals. 

The three most effective formats include:

Full Taxi Wraps: Covering the entire vehicle, these wraps offer maximum visibility and are perfect for high-impact branding campaigns. Taxi wraps are highly-effective for providing a maximum return on investment and capturing your audience's attention.

Taxi Supersides: Large advertisement placed on the sides of taxis, ideal for clear, bold messaging that grabs attention as the taxi navigates the busy streets of London and other major cities in the UK such as Manchester and Liverpool. Find out more about taxi supersides.

Taxi-Tip Seat Posters: Placed on the back of the driver and passenger seats, these ads target passengers directly, ideal for detailed information or for encouraging instant call-to-actions such as ''view our website'' or ''use discount''

When you work with Taxi Wraps, we take the time to understand your bespoke objectives for your campaign so we can help you select the most suitable formats. For larger brands that have a sufficient budget, it may be that you use a combination.

Consider design elements

Another key strategy of an effective taxi advertising campaign is considering design for your key objectives. You want your design to be compelling and grab the attention of your audience so that they can take action on your advertisements. 

Key design elements include:

  • Bold Colours and Fonts
  • Clear Messaging
  • High-Quality Imagery
  • Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

For example, using bright colours and large readable fonts is imperative to make your ad eye-catching from a distance. Moreover, clear and concise messaging is also paramount. Your audience is getting marketed at all the time so they only have a few seconds to absorb your key messages before they turn their attention elsewhere.

Keep your text minimal and impactful!

taxi advertising london

Maximise geographic targeting

Maximising geographic targeting should be prioritised as a key strategy for your taxi advertising campaign. Taxi advertising provides mobility and therefore, it's always wise to advertise within high-traffic zones where taxis are likely to be at standstill frequently. This gives your audience to truly absorb your marketing and advertisements. 

Moreover, you also may want to consider maximising geographic targeting by placing ads on taxis that frequent venues for concerts, sports events, and festivals to reach event-goers. Advertising near airports and train stations is also a great move for many brands looking for increased exposure.

Measure key metrics

Measuring key metrics of your taxi advertising campaign is also imperative so that you can measure the ROI and the difference it's making to your visibility, growth, and bottom line. Measuring metrics whilst your campaign is active also gives you the opportunity to make data-driven adjustments. Here are three different ways you can accurately measure:

Track Engagement: Using tools like QR codes and unique landing pages, you can track how many people have engaged with your tailored advertisements on taxi. It's always great to see those numbers get in the thousands and sometimes millions!

Conduct Surveys: If you have an email list, for example, you may want to conduct a survey to understand the perception of your advertisements and its impact on their behaviour.

Analyse ROI: Compare the cost of your taxi advertising campaign with the generated leads, sales, or brand awareness to assess its effectiveness. See the success and adjust if necessary.

Consider other OOH advertising

You'll be pleased to know that we also have sub-companies for other types of OOH (Out-Of-Home) advertising formats. Whether you want to try something different or add another OOH advertising format and use it in conjunction with taxi advertising, there are a number of options for you to consider. As well as taxi advertising, you may also benefit from:

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